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Plazma Burst 2

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The game was released around March 2011 and have since been played by many for free online. Over the years, the developers of the game have strived to made relevant adjustments. All these geared to making game time better, simpler and more enjoyable. The logic behind the game is to get marine to try and travel back into time with success. The player assumes the position of the marine. Plazma burst 2 game is a shooting game that requires you to lay a perfect strategy before you can start spraying bullets. You are required during the game to go through the dark corridors filled with enemies who are equipped with guns. The only way to get through this wrath is to shoot precisely on your way. You may navigate through the game by the use of arrow keys to help you move around. The mouse helps you with aiming and shooting. The other important keys are G, E and Z for grenade, use item and time warp respectively.