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Sift Heads Assault 1

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It is all about intensive shooting so as to clear assailants while trying to remain alive for as long as possible. It is a thrilling action packed game whose effect to the player is stimulatory and development of motor skills. The actual playing of the Sift Heads Assault 1 is by using WASD to move, jump and roll; the mouse to aim and R to fire. The left mouse button is to be used to reload if and when a player runs out of bullets. One is also able to upgrade his/her weaponry, increase resistance to bullets and even use grenades. There are objects like barricades that can be used and even moved around. The aim of all these is to clear all the waves of assailants without getting hurt in the process. The sift heads assault 1 is the predecessor of sift heads assault 2 and 3 which have had some improvements made to them.