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Thing Thing Arena 1

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If you enjoy playing flash games, you may have heard of Thing Thing Arena, because it is one of the best flash games that were ever developed. The game is made by Crazy Monkey Games and is available in different versions: classic, pro, Thing Thing Arena II, III and the latest version, which is the fourth. In the classic version of the game, you start with a level selection screen, where you can also enter an ID and customize your character. The game is basically a shooter in which you have to kill different waves of enemies, such as zombies and stinky beans. The main goal is to survive as long as you can while you obtain a high score. Because the enemies come in great numbers, your character can die really quick if you are not careful. For moving in the game you can use the keys A and D and for jumping you use W and R for reloading. For looking and shooting you can use the mouse. There are different types of zombies, as some can be slower and they have to get closer to you for causing you damage. Other types of zombies can spray you with acid from a distance. Make sure you kill them first. Stinky beans can be of two types. Some of them explode when they touch you, so make sure you avoid them. If you want to get a higher score, you have to kill enemies through head shots and center mass shots. First aid kids are meant for healing you completely. In all the versions of the game you have the same simple objectives: run around carrying your weapons and kill all the enemies. Thing Thing Arena is easy and fun to play and you can invite your friends to play too, as this can motivate you to beat their score and get a higher score for yourself. If you have a good internet connection, you will be lost for hours online playing this game because it is very addictive. There is no need for installation, so you can play it directly into your browser.